Foxie Internal Game Jam

Foxie Internal Game Jam

In June 2021, Foxie Games held their first internal Game Jam.

The best thing about this day is that It was no ordinary game jam, instead, we used an internal content creation platform to create new content to our players from scratch, and release it to our players within the same day!

All staff were divided into teams so they got a chance to work with new people outside their usual project teams. 


Staff brainstormed game ideas together in their teams and decided what they’re going to work on for the day.

Everyone got a full day to work on their game, stopping only for a refreshing Pizza lunch. 

The winner was chosen based on player engagement numbers 1 week after launch. The winner was a game called Meadowcroft Farm by one of our developers who won a Steam voucher! Check out a player-made video of the game below!

Overall the Game Jam was a great success as a fun team building event as well as a chance to build some fresh content for our player base, and we look forward to running many more.