Game Details

Horse Riding Tales

A feature packed mobile game, downloaded by over 15 million players! Join a community of horse lovers and explore the wonderful world of Meadowcroft, collect beautiful horses and connect with other players by joining a club and competing for rewards!

Collect over 100 Beautiful Horses!
Join the Dressage & Showjumping Academy. Compete against other students in equestrian competitions as you uncover the mystery of the sky riders.
Create or Join a club! A club is a team where you can compete for rewards or chill out with your fellow club members after a long day of riding.
Care for Your Horse. Complete horse care quests by crafting hay, horseshoes and other items for your horse to keep her in high spirits. The happier your animal, the better it will jump in equestrian events.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been banned and can not enter the game, what can I do?

Installing the game from a source outside of the App Store, Google Play or Amazon App Store will automatically ban your account and you will be unable to play. These bans are permanent and will not be reversed. Occasionally, legitimate accounts can get banned accidentally. If this happens to you, please reach out to us and we will check your account and restore it if we find no evidence of cheating.

Where can I get help with my purchase?

Please send a ticket to our support staff from within the game so we can help you out.

What is done to keep the chat system safe?

The chat is heavily moderated through a variety of smart filters and human moderation. Players abusing the chat system are permanently banned from using chat. For minor offenses a temporary chat ban may be placed on the account. No system is perfect, and occasionally offensive messages may slip through. Players should report any offensive messages within the game to assist in our continually evolving chat moderation system.


Are there currently known issues affecting the game?

Please check our Service Status page.