Life in The Den

Your typical morning will start with a sync up with your project team. Discuss progress and plans for the day while sifting through the overnight customer feedback. Getting to know our users is a key part to working at Foxie! After the meeting, you’ll have time to work on your tasks for the day. Depending on your role, this can be anything from server-side programming to animating a stylised run cycle! Remember, the resources of your team and wider company are available to help you get through any roadblocks you find.


100% Original IP

We are one of the few game studios in Australia where you can exclusively work on original games and have a real impact on the product direction.

Work Life Balance

Work regular hours every day. 99.9% Crunch-Free

Subsidised Social Events

Get together with your team for a dinner or a game of pool! Foxie subsidises a social event for the whole team around once a quarter.

Career Development Allowance

We can help cover the cost of some learning material to help you ‘level up’ your skills.

Flexibility in Work

Need to leave early every Thursday? Need to suddenly work from home to supervise your plumber? No problem, we always make flexibility arrangements available for staff.

Do What You Love

Turn your passion into your job!

We are looking for Talented People